3D Animation Apps For Ipad Pro

10+ Best 3D Animation Apps For Ipad Pro #2022

When we talk about creating animations, we think of drawings and creations, either in 2D or 3D. Sometimes, we want to show these illustrations and creations to the world, and with a simple photo of the final result, it is not enough for us.

Here are some apps with which you can create animations easily and for free. In addition, there is something for everyone, from professional applications and websites to others with a basic and simple interface.

Some of the apps you’ll see here are exclusive to iOS, that is, for iPad and iPhone, others instead are also available for Android devices.

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DAZ Studio

An app that is only available for iOS, that is, for use on iPhone and iPad. A priori, it may seem extremely simple, which projects the widespread idea of little work. But no, it’s the opposite. It is complete and very easy to use the app.


Plastic Animation Paper (PAP 4.0)

Another app to create animations, and this one is available to download on an Android mobile or tablet. It is true that it does not have an interface as clean as in the previous app, but it is still the best if your goal is to create animations. In addition, you can share them on all your social networks. It is an application to make animations. But it doesn’t just stand there, it goes one step further and offers some help that other apps to create animations don’t offer.

You can add frames with movement, add your voice to the video, play with the backgrounds that make the stage, characters, etc. as well as you can save the animation in MP4 format to upload it to networks or YouTube, whichever you prefer.


Pencil 2D

Of the best apps, if your idea is to create animations since it has many options and a wide range of tools with which to color and draw your animations. In this app, you have sound effects, and you can see each frame.

The app is so beautiful and has such an intuitive interface that encourages drawing even if you don’t know. Little by little you can create more complex animations, as advice, we encourage you to start with jumping balls.

At the end of the whole process, it is the app itself that creates an animation in GIFs or MP4 format that can be perfectly shared on a YouTube channel or in the different social networks you enjoy.



This app refers to the “stickman” is about the sticks and the head; that is, the simplest way we have to draw a person. And that’s what this app is based on, start with a “stick man” and improve and improve the animation.

Undoubtedly it is one of the best apps to create animations since you can start slowly, whether or not you draw.

You will find gradient colors, digital zoom, sound effects, etc. A complete app to make the “stick man” as professional as possible, but without getting rid of the original design of the sticks and the head.


Synfig Studio

An app that is only available for iOS, so if you have an iPad or an iPhone, and you want to create animations. With the Apple Pencil or with your own finger, so you can create the animations with a simple interface, although access to the tools is somewhat uncomfortable.

A complete app and with which you can gradually see the evolution of the animation thanks to the “Play” button on the top of the application.



It is not exactly an app, but it serves to create animations, so it could not be missing in this collection of apps to create animations. This website is more focused on the professional field, it has not drawn puppets, but to animate graphics, vignettes, and other information for presentations.

You can change backgrounds, characters, add sound effects, music, etc. and everything is saved in the cloud with total ease.


One of the most famous programs for the creation of 3D, for modeling, lighting, rendering, animation, and creation of three-dimensional graphics, which you can sculpt and paint to your liking in a simple way, where you can develop video games since it has an internal engine for it. The possibilities of Blender are immense and very accessible.


Toon Boom Animate Pro 3

Another very famous 3D modeling and animation program. Where you can give life to your characters and environments in less time thanks to the various tools it has, giving them very good quality. Giving users a lot of ease and being something intuitive when it comes to handling it.



Bryce may be for the most beginners in this world, helping you in the first steps of 3D modeling and animation. Where you can also create complex designs from primitive tools, such as cubes, circles, and others. Creating animations with Bryce is as simple as positioning the objects from one point to another on the stage and will make a smooth animation. A very simple program.


Aurora 3D Animation Maker

To create designs in three dimensions in high-quality presentations, videos, web, including the realization of 3D movies, the addition of introductory texts, and animation logos. Very simple to use that contains additional templates and symbols. Where you can make presentations more impressive than the typical and monotonous.



Allowing you to make animations for movies, it is easy to see the results of your work to reproduce the animations in the viewport. That is one of its main functions, but it also works for 3D video games, which has its on-screen presentation tool.

Conclusion: Now that you know that there are apps to create animations easily and for free, you just have to choose the app or web you like the most and start creating animations and enjoy your free time or your work. On the internet, we can find many tutorials that help us manage all these animation programs.

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