Best PC Games Under 1GB

30+ Best PC Games Under 1GB Laptop/Mac #2022

Everyone loves games, for games age does not matter.  there are many platforms for games like PSP, PS3, PS4, Xbox but pc games are the best.


You can play games with better graphics than consoles games.  In Pc, you can Enjoy games with graphics settings set to excellent levels, as well as play at higher, smoother frame rates.  PC gaming is not more expensive as console games. we have a list of pc games check them out and pick your favorite among them. you mas also like highly compressed pc games.


Games for pc under 1gb



best pc game

GTA is a plot on real multiple instances of life. Falls as best games under 1GB. Where you find a lot of rivalry blood, crisps and street gang bash. The concept is action-based with role-playing with the open-source environment. The player can run, play, walk, climb, jump and use weapons.


The character can ride various vehicles for instance bus, wing boat, helicopter, trains, tank, motorcycle, and bikes. Many instances are seen by the player were he steals many things and uses them.

The open and non-linear environment were the player is allowed to choose and play the game.


Storyline progress is also necessary to unlock the cities and content. The player freely roams across the city San Andreas was he eat, cause destruction, attack people. Therefore, it is the best game under 1GB is now also available in the Android app, ios, desktop.


GTA VICE CITY  Best Games Under 1GB

GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City is the sixth series of the GTA edition. After many hard-core with the last version came up with full-fleshed and stronger gameplay. Building structure invading them, exploring cities has given a new way. Enter new structures buying them gives new missions and rewards.

Get new weapons and vehicles and collect them as a bar. Dynamic behavior between the crock, cops and the people of the vice city is seen. People fight each other and rivalry gangs fight on street accidents happen in the first fist. The graphic is well optimized gives an enhanced look. Stealing cars and doing crime is only thought in the game.



Prince of Persia The Two Thrones

The game is a combination of Prince’s eligibility and agility. Throughout the game player must run, attempt to traverse the path by climbing walls, jumping one wall to another, one platform to other, crimping to and forth the walls make use of gathered objects.

With the two thrones game, the players can jump off walls with 45 degrees. The players should take speed kill process in the game otherwise he enemies would kill him. Dark Prince is one of the sides of Prince where he can only use a single weapon with a dagger tail on his arm.

The dark also loses his power any may loose in improvement in the game. In contact with water retain the power of the Prince.


PRINCE OF PERSIA: Warrior Within

best pc game PRINCE OF PERSIA Warrior Within

It is the sequel to the prince of Persia sand of time game with some additional new features. The Prince has a new weapon with a circular wave and the ability to handle two weapons. Steal enemy weapons and throw enemies are an additional feature.

Warriors within are 3D platformer centered explore and melee combat. The environment is non-linear, the player visits the same location every time. Secret areas are hidden within new health points and weapons. Extra feature to escape Dhaka and reach safety by navigating tap return hallways.

Two hand fighting is gathered with the enemy tends to conquer target with acrobatic.



best pc game Total Overdose

A Gunslinger Tale is an open-world third-person shooter video game. The most common player is Ramiro with the other two characters Tommy and Ernesto. The player runs through the game and uses weapons including shotguns, rifles, handguns, rocket launchers.

With several cheap and special cars. Special cars like an orange Dirt bike, purple and flame pick up, Tom truck, DEA military SUVs. Players can shot dodge dive into direction with slow-motion effect. Help enemy conquers in combat.

Loco moves a special attack to gain more points. Points can be used to eliminate enemies. Players can offer seven types of moves mainly, Golden move, Tornado, EI Toro, EI Mariachi, sombrero of Death, mad wrestler.



best pc game Freedom Fighters

Freedom fighters are third-person shooter game where players navigate through the streets. The player with his teammates travels in the streets of New York and occupying the Soviet forces. Players can make charisma points by capture base or destroy enemies.


More points can increase teammates up to twelve players. The player can give orders to mates follow, attack and defend. The game can go up to four players revolving around soviet Union and Americans freedom fighters slides. Assign four players to different slots with 4 soldiers to each player, who can change their weapon during the game.



best pc game igi 1

Project IGI is a single person game with 14 mission have both small and large missions. It can be manageable with small objectives. There is no way to save games with any settings we have to restart the game again or start from scratch. The player walks or run through the game change weapons and conquer enemy who took over nuclear warhead and going to start nuclear terrorism. Death waits at every level with guards, firing within the small range.


The guard may sometimes appear from the building we have clear. Players acquire large weapons, some from the first level and later got from enemy death. The graphical interface is amazing with the rifle shot and the bullet crosses the thickness of the wall is shown. They use binoculars to zoom the high distance and digital compass. Comparatively best games under 1GB.



best pc game igi 2

Project IGI 2 sequel of IGI 1 with 14 missions in total. The straight forward mission is not predicted but cut scenes mission is animated. Multiple paths are available to players to go through noisy gunfight and every mission player is whelmed. A large number of enemies at every mission which is bypassed.

Some mission is carried out undetected. The player can choose the game level according to choice. John player can destroy a large structure and acquire all secrets information and explosive and left him undetected.


Assassin’s Creed 1  (Best Games Under 1GB)

assassins creed pc game

Assassin’s Creed is played with Desmond experiences the memory of ancestors through the device called the animus. This animus is interface provides health, goal and other features of the animus interface. Assassin’s break may lead to restart the game from the previous checkpoint.

One cannot explore outside unless Assassin has not yet experienced it. When the player performs the Assassination and other tasks he must consider the use of actions by its profile. Low-profile action can blend into the nearby crowd, other citizens to perform the non-threatening task and can hide and reduce alertness level.


It uses a retractable hidden blade to attempt low-level Assassination. Preferred to be the best games under 1GB criteria. High-level assassination performs running scaling climb to high variation points and attacking foes.



best pc game motogp

Moto GP 1 is a motorcycle racing game and best game under 1GB. Exhibition mode with two players and a season mode. We can choose among 6 players and vi engineers who have the skills to race with different styles.

The bikes are a bit different from suspension, engines, and frames. To achieve success in a race the player has to invest in the best equipment so that bike runs with optimal speed. In racing games considered as best games under 1GB.

The player has to race against contestants on 13 tracks located in 12 different countries to win some pocket money. In Grand prices racing to execute an ideal run and making a mistake will send the player flying off his bike and tumbling down the track.



best pc game takken 6

Tekken 6 fighting game with sixth main installment in the Tekken franchise. The game was introduced to give the fight’s strategic style with remaining faithful to the previous game in the series. This game has a new system that increases the strength of the player when their help gets low. Campaigns mode, the player can win items by completing missions and enhance the different power areas of any character they choose to control.


The game uses a proprietary graphics engine that runs at 60 frames per second and the dynamic Physics named octave engine in which fluid dynamics among other things allow water to behave characters move.



best pc game max payne 1

Max Payne is a third shooter game, in that players assume the role of the titular character. It involves Bullet time-based gunfights. the levels of occasionally in incorporating platform and Puzzle-solving elements.

As the game’s storyline is advanced by player internal monologue as the character determines which step is next. Many game levels involve Payne’s surrealistic nightmare and drug-related hallucinations.

Player has semi-automatic pistol as game progress other weapons get activate including melee and hand-thrown weapons. Max regains health by taking painkillers which are found throughout different levels. The games AI is dependent on pre-scripted commands.

Max Payne game bullet time, a slow-motion passage of time is slowed down such that the moment of bullets is seen through the naked eyes. In Dead on alive mode limits the player only 7 saves chapter and New York mode Forces the player to complete chapter with the allotted time to replenish the enemies.



best pc game max payne 2

Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne is the third shooter video game sequel of Max Payne. It controls a detective for the New York City police department state. After the events of the previous game, he is Reunites with the mona sac to solve all the conspiracy of death and betrayal.

In initial level players, the weapon is 9 mm pistol as the game progresses other handguns, shotguns, submachine gun, assault Rifles hand-thrown weapons activate. If the game seems to be more difficult for the player then automatically artificial intelligence is made less effective providing more health in the form of painkiller.

After completing the difficult level other levels get unlocked. Death of Max Payne does not affect the game Play or Story. Most



best pc game need for speed most wanted

Need For Speed most wanted is the best racing game. Most Wanted is published as the nineteenth title in the Need for Speed series. It has three types of events: sprint races travel from one point of the city to another.

Circuit races have two or three laps in total. Ambush races, the player is surrounded by cops and must escape as quickly as possible. Crops are integrated with some sessions where police deploy vehicles and stop the player’s car and arrest the is a cross-compatible allowing a player to rank in all format and continue the progress of the player.



best pc game Need For Speed Underground 2

Need for Speed Underground in the 7th edition in the Need for Speed series. It is the first game in the series to offer a career mode featuring a storyline the garage mode player can fully customize cars brand name, performance, and visual upgrade.

A circuit race is standard racing involves three opponents. The knockout mode is similar to previous Need For Speed it has 3 laps for 4 racers. Sprint mode is variation in circuit mode contestants race in a point-to-point instead of loop track.

The drifting mode is the most challenging with the technical aspect to collect more points. Bonus is awarded to the player who drifts outer boundaries, drift vertically or perform chained drifting.



best pc game splinter cell

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow is a cabal video game. Gameplay pandora tomorrow is similar to the original Splinter Cell. The game features some graphical improvements miners change gameplay. The health kit is no longer available.

Laser light in Sam’s pistol allows the player to know where to strike. Sam can perform half split jump move from one side of the door to another. The swat turn was replaced by laser light in Sam’s pistol optically channeled potentiator.


WWE 2012

best pc game wwe2012

WWE. 2012 is a professional wrestling video game. It is first in the WWE series and 13 in the combined series. It is a sequel to the Smackdown versus RAW 2012. Characters now perform different moves. The games artificial intelligence used so players not to overuse the same moves.

New feature dynamic comebacks give players losing the opportunity to successfully hit the combination of two finishing moves. WWE Universe mode in which players participate in Matches and storylines booked automatically return from the additional cutscenes from the previous year.

The road to Wrestlemania mode in which players participate in a pre-scripted storyline. Featuring the actual WWE wrestler voice also returned.



best pc game the hulk

The Incredible Hulk is a game based on Marvel superhero Hulk and the movie in 2008. The destruction caused an increased threat level. Along with standard moves the Hulk has few super-powered moves that Execute by building up rage meter. The ability to instantly heal is most beneficial. Attention to health meter never has an excuse to die.



best pc game hitman 47

Hitman is a stealth video game. Each level takes place in a local environment with nonplayers such as civilian and armed guards. The game is generally to find 47 assign targets and kill them. It is possible through various missions and can accomplish the target directly.

The mission can also involve silent kill without raising alarms that may result in higher points. Deduct points if any civilian is killed. Money is used to purchase weapons and ammo during the game. The player peeks around to look at 47 using lean functions. The 47 cannot use weapons on to defend himself but can jump from one balcony to another.



best pc game hitman blood money

Hitman Blood Money protagonist agent kills characters to complete the mission. Armed Guard, Security checkpoint obstacles attempt to prevent agent 47’s success. Great. To complete missions uses multiple methods to eliminate targets regardless of witnesses or violence. Blood Money penalizes the player for making too much noise or being too violent.



best pc game hitman 2

The player assumes the role of hired Assassin as Agent 47. Work for secret agency specialists in assassinating wealth and criminals. These missions involve in contract killing. It is mission-based gameplay with third-person perspectives. In each level, the main character is given the set of the objective to complete. The most level requires the assassination of one or more people.



best pc game call of duty

Call of Duty united offensive expansion pack of First-person Shooter video game Call of Duty. Change in the United offensive is the multiplayer aspect of the game. new maps are much bigger than the original game. Besides bonuses with more points vehicles, tanks, and jeeps. The banking system is introduced in multiplayer as the player’s score increases level they gain ranks. It has three new multiplayer modes such as domination, capture flag and base assault.




Although it is based on the original Call of Duty it has a different storyline and expansion of the main game. Finest hour support multiplayer both online and local. As Competent Shooter most counts many important features have lost in franchise transition between platforms.

It consists of three small campaigns from the perspective of Russian, British and American Armies. Russian crossing Volga river in an attempt to push the German Army out of the besieged city. The American mission to push into Western Germany with the capture of Aachen. British campaign to set the desert of North Africa.



best pc game medal of honor

Medal of Honor is a series of First-person Shooter games. The gameplay is mainly focused on the OSS( Office of Strategic Services) an American organization during World War 2, using false paper and silenced pistols. As the series the technology progress it has shifted Emphasis towards the frontline and completely awarded to the main focus.



best pc game half life

The half-life for First-person shooter game first game in the series. Probably the best games under 1GB. The player assumes the role of Gordon Freeman, scientist find the way out of black Mesa research after an experiment with alien goes wrong.

a Player has to perform combat tasks and solve the puzzle to advance through the game. It has scripted sequences, vortigaunt ramming to advance more points in the game. Half-life has no levels divide the game Into chapters.

The game integrates puzzles navigating a maze or building a staircase to the next area of the prayer travel. There are few bosses in the conventional scene the player has to defeat the opponent by confrontation.



best pc game counter strike

Counter-Strike is sweat and anxiety blended into an incredible entertaining multiplayer game. It is a modification to the half-life game but quickly transformed into the full retail game and one of the core game.

Most realistic and models of any available Shooter game. The graphical environment is the most textured and visually appealing maps. Planting a bomb and holding a group of people is a specification of the terrorist.

The counter-terrorist must save the Hostage people and defuse the bomb.



best pc game iron man

Iron Man is an action-adventure game based on the film as well as the classical version of the character. The Stark Tony Stark fighting a variety of enemies and supervillain in a possession of Stark weapons. Each mission is introduced and finished with a cutscene. He has a variety of weapons and abilities disposal.



best pc game Age of Empires

Age of Empire series of historical real-time strategy video games. It focuses on Europe and Asia spanning from the stone age to the iron age. Artificial intelligence is developed and improved regularly by designers. A player can choose the game either specialized or story back condition with other AI.

The graphics and the visual of the games have improved with each successive release. Gamespot has praised the improved graphics. The results in innovative create animations are avoided instead of used events that calculate according to the Physics engine.



best pc game AGE OF MYTHOLOGY

Age of mythology real-time strategy video game. It takes some inspiration from mythology and legends of the greek Egypt and Norse. Similar Elements to Age of Empires. The age of mythology is defeating enemies, units, and towns. Build your unit town and training villages and fighters.

The player advances drive to four ages start with archaic age players upgrade to the classical age. Each Upgrade unlocks new units and technologies for the player. However, upgradation requires some resources to be paid certain buildings to be constructed.



Prince of Persia [Sands of Time]

Prince of Persia is an action-adventure puzzle platformer. The environment is seen through a control third-person view. As Prince can move in all directions, with manipulating large blocks and lever connected to mechanisms. Prince gets immunity drinking water from pools and fountains.

Collecting sands increases power and drinking water from a magical fountain leads to maximum prince health. During the game companion, Farah helps Prince with fire bows if Prince stands in the middle of the line get strayed. Then the monster attacks her and the game ends.





So these are Best evergreen pc games under 1 Gb.  Please do like, share and comment on which Pc game you like the most. Please do like, share and comment on which pc game you like the most.


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