Best Singing Karaoke Games PS4 [February 2021]

15 Best Singing Karaoke Games PS4 [February 2021]

/ / 15 Best Singing Karaoke Games PS4 [February 2021]

Are you someone who loves to singing in spare time? Do you love singing alone and in crowd too? Do you want your singing to be mixed with some fun gaming? Are you a PS4 game player? If you have a single, answer for the entire question that is yes, this article is the perfect creation for you.

Everyone want to enjoy their favorite games over their favorite gaming console so why not enjoy singing along with some games on your PS4. There can be gamers who love action games, but there might be some too who loves to play games with peace and sound mind for entertainment and stress relieving. Moreover, for those individuals, we have brought here list of best PS4 singing or karaoke games. Let’s find out those –

Just Sing –

With this game, you can pretend to be a singing popstar and the best part is you don’t even need to buy any karaoke microphone. You can enjoy this game singing or lip-syncing on the hit songs. With this app, it is easy to enjoy yourself singing the top and famous songs by popular singers. It can turn your smartphone to a microphone and camera to create your own music videos.

We Sing –

You can enjoy this game either solo or with a group of your nine friends. The app is available for free download and you can use the USB microphone to have real studio experience. Find the best hits from the top performers with their recordings and videos. You can find over six game modes.

We Sing 2  Mic Bundle

This game can give you the real experience of a music studio. You can lip sync of sing the best hits of the top artists. The app includes the recordings and HD videos of the top singers. With this app, you can easily connect over four microphones at a time and can have a fun time with your friends.

We Sing Pop –

We Sing Pop was introduced later in 2012 after the two editions of We Sing were already released. This is a great Karaoke game for PS4 that one can enjoy either in a single player mode or in multi-player mode. You are required to sing the song over the music and rhythm to enjoy this game and win it.

Let’s Sing Country –

This PS4 singing game offers a great feature list to enjoy both as a single player and in multi-player mode to enhance the level of enjoyment and spice up your experience with the game. You can find hit tracks available in this game.

Let’s Sing –

this game has been recently launched around one to two years back and has everything that you might need to run your karaoke party. You can have fun while playing this game on either of the two modes available; single player or multi-player mode. You have to sing the tracks over the background music and beats that are been played.

Now that’s what I call sing 2 –

This game was introduced in 2016 and is preferred by mostly the people who are fan of pop music and offer you a list of over thirty songs that you can enjoy with your friends in multi-player mode. You can use your smartphone to turn into microphone. Get this game now and start enjoying your group singing.

Let’s Sing Country –

Let’s Sing is an awesome game for players of any age that means you can play it no matter if you are a teenager or an adult, the game is awesome enough to make you all feel fresh. It is available in single and multi-player modes. You get over 30 songs in this and can use your phone as a microphone by connecting over Bluetooth.

SingStar: Ultimate Party –

This PS4 singing karaoke game has been one of the best ever karaoke games available. This game is a part of the SingStar game series that offers amazing gameplay. It was ranked as one of the best games by the critics and is fun party game. You can play it in your house parties with your friends by passing the microphones.

SingStar Celebration –

SingStar Celebration is just like its name that say celebrate while singing like a star. It is a part of the SingStar series. It allows you to use your smartphone as a microphone, then sing over the karaoke, and enjoy until you relieve your stress.

Disney Sings it –

Disney Sings it, you must have understood what the game wants to convey you. Yes, you can get access to the karaoke that is composed of awesome Disney affiliated songs that you can play and sing over this PS4 singing game. The list contains around thirty-five songs and taken from the series of Disney like Hannah Montana.

SingStar Frozen –

Yes you get it right; Frozen, that means you are going to get tracks from the Disney Frozen series. This game is also a part of the SingStar game series where you can sing the songs over your phone making it work as a microphone. It has the songs that have been best-sellers of the time and all of this makes SingStar Frozen a game that you must play.

Rock Band 4 –

You know what the rock means and that’s the reason behind the popularity of this game. It is one of the parts of the Rockband series. You can enjoy over sixty songs offered form the gallery of over 2000 song tracks. Enjoy playing this game in single as well as multi-player modes. The critics recognized once it as one of the best-ranked games.

Karaoke Revolution –

Karaoke revolution is a complete itself PS4 singing game that can be enjoyed playing single and multi-player mode. This is different from other karaoke games in a way that here you have to sing as a protagonist performing live by reading the available lyrics. The crowd will then cheer as per the players’ performance.

Sing Star Take that –

It is one of the competitive karaoke games for PS4 and can be enjoyed with the available lyrics guide. It is again a part of Sing Star series. You will win based on the points you earn the way you sing.

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