15 Best And Popular Sculpture Books of In The World #2022

Artists, we think, must never stop learning, sharing, and evolving. Knowing where to go for inspiration or business guidance might make you feel less alone on your journey. Here are 15 Best Sculpture Books of all time that have been helpful and influential in the growth of aspiring artists.

Here is a List of 15 Best Sculpture Books

A Sculptor’s Testimony in Bronze and Stone

Avard T. Fairbanks sculpted this holy sculpture. It is 150 pages, second edition, hardbound. It’s a well-illustrated documentary with a brief biographical background. The author is a son who sometimes assisted the sculptor. He was a family physician for 50 years after graduating from the University of Michigan Medical School.

African Art in the Barnes Foundation

Christa Clarke is the author of “African Art in the Barnes Foundation”. The Barnes Foundation’s valuable and large African art collection is published for the first time. The Barnes Foundation is famous for its amazing collection of Postimpressionist and early Modern artwork. At the Newark Museum in New Jersey, Christa Clarke is the senior director of Arts of Global Africa. She is an expert in both classic and new African art. In every sense, this is an amazing book.

MoMA Masterpieces

Tempkin Ann is the composer of “MoMA Masterpieces”. The remarkable treasures of the Museum of Modern Art in New York have brought the history of modern and contemporary art to life. MoMA Masterpieces offers a new perspective on the Museums. The historical development of the Museum’s collection is discussed in Ann Temkins’ introduction.

Making Sculpture from Scrap Metal

Peter Parkinson is the author of “Making Sculpture from Scrap Metal”. This book explains how to turn seemingly small scrap metal parts into important works of art. The book addresses topics such as the sculptor’s function and purpose, the characteristics of sculpture, and practical methods. It also goes into scrap metal sources, metal identification, metalworking processes, and innovative ways.

Hand to Earth

Andy Goldsworthy and Terry Friedman wrote this sculpture book “Hand to Earth”. Andy Goldsworthy is a renowned British sculptor who works in the landscape with nature. He has created amazing sculptures out of natural materials. He is well-known on an international scale. The unique process of his early sculptural work is well captured in this book. Andy’s love for the environment and his ability to use its resources to create magnificent works of art is inspiring.

Roman Portraits

Paul Zanker is the author of this book “Roam Portraits”. This book features full colour illustrations of Roman portrait sculptures from the Metropolitan Museum’s extensive collection. Paul Zanker is a teacher introduced at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts. Roman Portraits is a comprehensive and varied examination of Roman stone and metal portraiture.

It’s a lovely catalogue, with lovely photos and a lot of information.

Daniel Brush

Vivienne Becker is the author of “Daniel Brush”. In the realm of modern art, it is a one-of-a-kind figure. Daniel Brush is an artist and a craftsman in equal measure. Brush has amassed an unmatched collection of work over the last four decades. His work varies from large-scale abstract drawings to steel, aluminium, and gold sculptures. This is both an intimate study of a master artist’s work and a lovely object in and of itself.


Frank Zöllner and Christof Thoenes are the writers of “Michelangelo”. It’s jam-packed with sketches, black-and-white pictures, and full-color photographs of Michelangelo’s work. This book is for you if you enjoy reading about art and then referring to a colour enlargement of a detail. This is a full representation of Michelangelo’s creativity. The images are of excellent quality.

Figure Sculpting Volume 1

Philippe Faraut and Charisse Faraut wrote this book. Philippe and Charisse Faraut take a broad look at the complicated issue of the human figure. A fantastic book featuring stunning, professional photographs of the author’s work. This book is a must-have for every sculptor who is just starting out. It’s jam-packed with instructions and pointers for shaping every person ’s personality. You can find this book pricey, but it’s definitely worth it.

Beginner’s Guide to Sculpting Characters in Clay

3dtotal Publishing is the editor of “Beginner’s Guide to Sculpting Characters in Clay ”. It includes thorough guidance to important tools and techniques from sculptors who are both skilled and experienced. Anyone interested in clay sculpting should read The Beginner’s Guide to Sculpting Characters in Clay. You’ll discover which tools are ideal for you and how to utilise them efficiently. This book explores a variety of materials and includes advice from renowned professional sculptors.

The Life of Animals in Japanese Art

Robert T. Singer, Masatomo Kawai, Barbara R. Ambros, and Tom Hare are the authors of this beautiful sculpture book.  It’s a comprehensive explanation of animals in Japanese heritage and literature over the course of sixteen centuries. Japan is one of the few countries that has spent as much creative attention to portraying animal life as it has. Animals have always been a source of inspiration for Japanese artists. This lovely book features everything from ancient clay sculpture from the fifth century to current works.

The Vatican

Anja Grebe is the author of the Vatican. The Vatican is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It is home to several museums and palaces. The Vatican: All the Paintings is a one-of-a-kind exhibition honouring this magnificent collection.The book is divided into 22 parts that illustrate the Vatican’s museums and regions. This book’s layout allows the reader to explore and appreciate the 180 full- and half-page main artworks in detail.

A Child’s Introduction to Art

Heather Alexander and Meredith Hamilton are the author of “A Child’s Introduction to Art”. It’s the latest entry in Black Dog’s award-winning Child’s Introduction series, which has sold over a million copies. This book goes into the interesting world of artists and art. It also features a number of do-it-yourself art projects. A Child’s Introduction to Art educates children aged 9 to 12 to some of the most well-known painters, styles, and periods in art history.

Art Lab for Kids

Susan Schwake is the writer of this masterpiece “Art Lab for Kids”. There are 52 completely new unique art projects in this book. These projects will bring out the best in each young artist as they develop their own style and express their ideas. Encouraging children’s creativity and allowing them to openly express themselves is one of the most significant gifts we can offer them. There is no greater way to express oneself than through artistic endeavours.

Ceramic Sculpture

Alex Irvine is the author of this sculpture book “Ceramic Sculpture”. Alex Irvine is an Asheville-based sculptor, educator, and member of the Clayspace Co-op. His work has been shown in a variety of venues, including SoFA, The University of the Arts, and Baltimore Clayworks. He generally conducts intense classes on human face shaping. It’s a highly detailed book that shows how to finish a human figure in clay using several methods (slab, coil, and solid).


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