Tips to Improve Your Resume

11 Tips To Improve Your Resume #2022

Applying for a job? The first thing you will need is a good resume that will reflect your personality. A resume can make or break your chances of getting your dream job. A lot of people make silly mistakes that cost them their dream job. Here we are gonna tell you 11 resume tips that will help you make a good impression of yourself while applying for a job.

Read your job descriptions carefully

Whenever you are applying for a job, read the qualifications for that job two to three times. Make sure you have the qualifications and experience for that job. Use the keywords given in your job description in your resume. This will make your chances a little higher as you will seem the who knows his work and all the required information about the job.


Make it to the point

Make your resume easy to read. Be brief about describing yourself and your qualifications. Too much information is neither required nor makes a good impression in front of employers. Each section of the resume requires only specific data about you. Use a good number system-  if there are chances that you can use numbers anywhere in your resume then go ahead. This will help employers to consume more information about you and your previous job experience.

Be relevant to the information

A study shows recruiters only give less than a minute per resume. Make sure you are putting information which is relevant to the job and needed. By providing irrelevant information in your resume, you will only waste your recruiter’s time and energy. Read twice what is asked and then start writing. For example, if you are asked to describe yourself, start with your name and then add your qualifications. Skip the information about your high school and minor degrees.

Highlight your achievements

The first thing an employer wants to know about is what are your skills and what have you achieved from your last jobs. Make sure you add all your achievements at the starting of your resume. Do use the words “I have achieved”, “earned”, ” accomplished” in your resume so that they will be highlighted and easy to observe from an employer’s perspective. Don’t forget to mention the experience you gained from your last job.


Use professional fonts

Be careful about the fonts that you using for your resume. Choose a readable and attractive font that will make your resume look good and professional. Choosing a font that is hard to read or too much for a resume will lower your chances of hiring. Ariel font is considered a good choice. Make strategic use of fonts for headings, subheadings, titles, etc. But stick with one font for headings and don’t overuse them. By using different fonts for headings, it’s easy for employers to find specific data and information. Set your font size to 10-12 points, it is easy to read and appears more professional.


Check your grammar 

Grammatical mistakes are not allowed at all in your resume. Make sure you are using promising vocabulary and leaving all the grammar mistakes. Your application will be rejected at first instance if your recruiter, found a common grammatical mistake. If you are not confident enough to write your resume hire someone to do the job, but make sure you know all the detail they have given in your resume. Show your resume to someone else, and ask them to read it. You might miss out on some obvious writing mistakes, having a second opinion is always best.


Update your contact details

Make sure your contact details up to date and included in your resume. People often put their last number or address they no longer use, you don’t wanna miss out on job opportunities just because you forgot to update your contact details. The following detail should be included:-

  • Your phone number
  • Your address
  • Your email address

Make sure you use a professional email address, an unprofessional email address will set an immature image of you that can cost.


Set margin

Margin is an important aspect of the resume. The standard margin size is from 1 to 1.5. You can increase the size if you require more space but it should not exceed 2 inches. Leave some white space that will look managed and professional. Not leaving white space will only make it messy and hard to read.


Keep a list of your resumes

When you are job hunting you never apply for one job. Keep track of all the that you have applied and what information you have put on them. It will help you to write resumes for your future job. Every job needs a different resume and different information try not to mix all of them.


Go to professionals if you need to

Don’t be ashamed if you can’t manage to write a resume for yourself as it’s not a cup of tea. You can always hire someone to create a resume before applying for a job. It’s better to seek help before its too late and ruins your chances of getting employed. Even if you have written your resume get a second opinion on that check if you have made a mistake or left out anything important.


Edit, edit and edit some more

Your first draft will never be perfect, always read it twice or thrice to eliminate evident mistakes. It’s always better to keep reading until you were finally satisfied. Editing will make it more prominent and to the point which ultimately results in a more professional resume that will impress the recruiters.


Some additional resume tips are:-

  • Choose a professional template for a resume.
  • Make it a one-page resume.
  • Add hyperlinks.
  • Employers prefer experienced more than educational skills ( if asked, be short and brief about it) Put recent achievement and experience (forget the past short term job).

These are the most valuable and must-do tips which you should consider while making your resume. We hope this article has helped you.




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