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10 Skin Care Tips For Winter #2022

Winter is coming! So is the skin problems. While we all love winters, wearing cool sweaters, trending coats, and those long boots but it also has its side effect. No matter how much enjoy this cozy season but it comes with its consequences and that is “skin problems”. Some of us experience dry skin and chapped lips. So we have listed a few tips that will save your precious skin this winter.
1. Keep your skin hydrated.
As you don’t feel thirsty very often in winters but your body still needs to be hydrated. So in between your hot cocoa and coffee don’t forget to drink water. You do need to drink the same amount of water as you do in any other season. Setting a reminder on your phone is the best way to remind you that you need to drink water. Also, try a glass of warm water with lemon is very refreshing and will keep you hydrated.

2. Stay away from too hot showers
We know how tempting those hot showers are on a chilly day. But these are not so good to your skin. Hot showers will cause your skin to lose its natural oil and moisture and make it dryer. If you using to take a hot shower make sure you at least lower the water temperature a bit. And right after the shower apply a good moisturizer, that will prevent your skin from drying. And if you are just washing your face or hands prefer lukewarm water.

3. Choose your products wisely.
The season has changed so are the requirements of your skin! You can’t use the summer products cause they won’t meet the moisture requirements of your skin in winter. Try choosing the products that are rich in the oil-based moisturizer as they will seal your skin and trap the moisture in it for a longer time than a water-based lotion. Skip petroleum-based moisturizes or alcohol contained moisturizers as they will further dry out your skin. While buying any skin products for winters just read the ingredients carefully, buy those which contain hydrating ingredients that will be a great gift for your skin this winter.
Choose other products wisely as well like cleansers that contain moisturizer and will prevent your skin to lose its natural oils. And soaps are over important as well, try using mild soaps as the normal ones contain high chemicals and formula based soap will rip off your skin oils make it appear dull and dead. Go for winter shopping and buy the essential products before it’s too late!

4. Protect your skin from harsh winter.
It is a must step in the winter skincare routine, although it feels good to show some skin and feel attractive every time but in winter try to avoid that as much as possible. Winter winds are very dry and will evaporate your skin moisture very quickly and to avoid that make sure you have covered every part of your body. Gloves and scarfs are very essential. Wear a cute cap that will look gorgeous and protect you from the winter. Also, wear your sunscreen as you may wanna feel the warmth of the sun during a chilly day but it still contains those harmful UV rays and you don’t wanna harm your skin. Choose a sunscreen that has contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

5. Exfoliate.
It is always good to get rid of dead cells and reveal fresh skin to have glowing skin. But don’t be too hard on your skin and do a gentle exfoliation. Exfoliate hour skin just once a week or depending on your skin type. It may seem that you are caring enough for your skin by applying moisturizer but it won’t work it the layer of dead skin is there. Either do it in a natural way or get an exfoliating mask and use it on your face and hands, you can also try out an exfoliating body wash that will help you get glowing and healthy skin in winters.

6. Get a humidifier.
Winter brings low humidity and that means your skin you’re gonna dry out much after. The best way to bring some humidity is to get a humidifier installed in your room that will keep some moisture in your home and your skill will feel less dryer.

7. Keep your moisturizer close to you. 
It’s no secret that a good moisturizer is a need for winter. But don’t forget to apply moisturizer immediately after getting a shower or washing your hands. Put a bottle of moisturizer in your bathroom and besides every sink so that you can apply moisturizer right after you wash.
Use some virgin coconut oil for your skin It is said to be very beneficial and keep your skin youthful.

8. Don’t forget your hands and feet.
People tend to care less about their hands and feet in winter while their much focus is on their face. But they need your attention and care as you do for your face. Your hands, elbows, and knees have thin skin and they lose moisture faster than other areas. Use a good moisturizing balm and apply a thick layer of it on your hands and feet and leave it overnight to get healthy skin in the morning.

9. Consider a good and balanced diet.
Include seasonal fruits and veggies in your diet and stick to the organic food items. It is very important to get the right amount for nutrition for winters. Include fruits and take pomegranate juice that is rich in antioxidants and slow the aging process of the skin. Boost your water intake through soups, salad, juices, and milk.

10. Exercise!
No one wants to leave that cozy blanket behind and exercise in this chilly season. But it is very important to sweat it out. Not only your muscles will be stronger but the released sweat will keep your skin glowing.

So these were the best skin care tips for this winter. Don’t let your skin suffer this winter season just make tiny changes in your routine and your skin will be healthy and glowing this winter!

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