Software that are identical to Avast

10 Best Software that are identical to Avast in #2022

Avast antivirus is one of the best open-source antivirus available for Microsoft Windows PC, Mac OS, Android and iOS. It offers more protection to a system more than any other antivirus software.

There are free and paid versions available for the Avast software that gives antivirus security, browser security, and other services. It is a lightweight software that is quite easy to use. Reports have shown that Avast was spying on its users and also depicted that it was sharing the data to the third party like Google and Microsoft. There are more antivirus software that can be used as an alternative to the Avast software.

Alternatives to Avast Antivirus software –

Nortan – Similar to Avast

It is rated top and one of the best alternative to Avast antivirus software to protect your system against the spyware, malicious software, hackers. It’s is comparatively very fast than its competitors software. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Android but doesn’t support iOS. Norton has a security scan that perform scan on your device and detect if any threats are there that can harm your computer. The cookie manager of Norton analyses the possible threatening one and eliminates them.


Avira is available both in free and paid version and is considered to be one of the best alternative to Avast by the computer securityexperts. Of you’re looking for a free software that is also efficient then it’s the best option. It doesn’t have any protection to ransomware but is highly effective in removing malware completely. It can easily find the files that are harmful for the system by scanning and then remove them from where they are.


Also known as Kaspersky Security Cloud, it is one of the top rated antivirus software available for Windows OS and Mac OS. It protect the system from all kind of virus, malware and ransomware. The paid version of the software is more effective as compared to the open source but it still detects any kind of malicious software present. Kaspersky inform you about the measures you can take to protect your system.

Bitdefender – Alternative to Avast

It is mostly used software of all and even best as a paid version that can help in scanning, detecting and removing the malwares. The free version is also quite useful as it helps to identify the threats and helps to protect against it. Paid version of Bitdefender has VPN integrated with the software. It also detects phishing and fraud in the system. It has a Virus Shield that enables real time scanning and the auto scan feature can scan the system even being idle.


McAfee’s free security scan can analyse your system to check out threats and protect it. The software detects and remove malware, spyware, Trojans, etc. automatically. McAfee also gives Web security and firewall protection against threats. One single McAfee subscription can protect around 5-10 devices without slowing any of them. It also protects form phishing attacks, malicious website. It has a optimising feature that do not work on low battery or power saving mode perform the scans that that take much battery and leave for later.

Sophos Home Free

Sophos can protect up to 3 PC’s together and if you’re looking  for an alternative of Avast that gives multi device support then it’s the best choice. It is a great option for families as it gives protection against phishing. It has a great user interface and quite easy to use. The paid version of Sophos help in protecting over 10 devices and can even safeguard with email filtering and other advance options.

Panda Free

It is the easiest to access and after installing it one do not have to worry about any spyware, hacker or any threats. Scan and remove the USB drives if they have any malware in it. It keeps the system updated and protected. The multimedia mode keeps the notification aside while you are playing games on your PC. It is compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10. Free VPN up to 150 MB can be accessed through it that makes it a great alternative to Avast.


Total AV

It is an open-source and supports Windows, Mac and Android. It has a tool that helps in cleaning the harmful sources and threats and protect the system from phishing. Because of the browser extension, it warn is the site we browsing is safe or not. It is a great alternative to Avast if you are not looking for any advance options. In the free version it has reliable scannerbut no password storage or any technical support.

It has a simple user interface and gives 30 day trial and is available for PC only.

Intrusta Antivirus

It can give you reliable protection against malware, spyware, adware and ransomware.It is a software that is quite easy to use and works by remaining unnoticed. It works in the background of the system and do not interfere by showing you the pop ups. mobile devices are not currently supported but it is compatible for Mac and Windows OS. It is available in paid version only. It offers three scanning modes. It gives access to history log of notifications. It also give chat support by the Zendeskand telephone line support and email support is also offered.

Windows Defender

It is a program built in the Windows operating system to protect it from the spyware, malware and ransomware. Windows itself identify when a threat is detected and work on it to remove.It helps to keep the system updated by downloading the updates automatically and ensure that the system is kept protected. It runs in the background and inform the user only if any threat is detected.


This article comprises of the alternatives that you can use in place of Avast antivirus. These will surely help you in keeping your system safe against all threats. Inspite of being a great antivirus software, Avast due to some allegations is now not so popular so these identical can be used  in place of it.

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