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10+ Best PSP Underrated Games 2020

There is never a bad time to bring out your PSP and relive your childhood memories by playing some of the greatest games on in. Sure you love PSP and why wouldn’t you, the gaming console has a number of great features that have made you buy it in the first place.
It doesn’t feel like the gaming console was launched over 15 years ago, and it still holds a lot of games and you can still have a great time on it!
Speaking of games that you can find for PSP, there are a number of great games present for you play and a variety of genres to choose from. No.matter if you ate looking for racing games, horror games, RPG games, strategy games or even action games you will all of them! If you own a PSP then you must be aware of all the best and popular games that are present.
But do you know there are thousands of games present and you must have played only the ones which you have never? But there are some games present which deserve your attention because they are really good.
In this article, we are gonna tell you about some of the underrated games that are present on PSP. These games may not be the most popular ones but they are surely interesting to play. We need you to go through these games at least once because they are good and you will have a great time.
  1. Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded/Remixed
  2. Midway Arcade Treasures
  3. Lemmings
  4. Sega Genesis Collection
  5. Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX
  6. Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins (the Japanese re-release Gokumakaimura Kai is even better)
  7. Namco Museum Battle Collection
  8. Dante’s Inferno
  9. SBK 08 Superbike World Championship
  10. Star Soldier
  11. Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command


Here our list has ended, how many games you have heard before? We won’t be surprised if you say you haven’t heard of a single one from our list. Because that’s the point of bringing you this list! We hope you at least play these games once and have a great time.

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