Best Meme Pages On Instagram In India

10 best meme pages on Instagram in India #2022

Memes are an essential part of modern social media or you can find memes anywhere which can contain funny memes, sad memes, inspirational memes or any kind. On the Internet, its use is very common and very popular. Memes have been used since 1976.
Internet memes are an idea, thought and media activity that is especially creating for your environment and fun. Here, we provide the top 12 best meme pages on Instagram in India 2020. Today’s, Instagram is a very popular application where everyone loves to use it. That’s why this article is specifically about meme Pages on Instagram.


This account is very popular and it has more than 5 million followers. It is an official account of trolls. In social media, trolling is the funniest way to entertainment. In this account, the post is created on the dialogue, Ramayan and on celebrities which is too interesting and funny.


This page is created by Indian admin but this account has a foreigner post. This post is related to adult and funny memes. This account has more than 5 million followers and there have lots of posts and all are unique to other pages.

@fuddu sperm

You must have guessed from the name that this is a very funny account. Yes, you are correct this account is funniest. One of the best actual meme content page in context. If you are really addictive to funny stress then this page for you. With 3 million followers and growing it sure is most loved Indian meme page.


This account has more than 3 million followers. It is completely related to adult which is amazing and very funny. The adult memes are favorite of all those people who are crazy about sexy talk. This account shares adult memes post but this is only for adult people.


This page providing videos and pictures to the Instagram community that are either modification of current memes, or they are new memes that they’ve developed. Either way, it’s a fun page that has been getting a lot of attention. This page has 707k followers.

@the tharki society

With a groping 755k followers, the tharki society is one of the most followed Indian meme page. Though this page is private, it’s worth your petition, within a minute you are impressed to a world filled with the reality that punches you hard, but it’s a shared feeling that instructs you to send it to your groups and crack up together.


This account is created by female admin. This page share about adult content which you love it. Only 18 + can follow this account because it has very dirty memes. If you are children then you please stay away from the stage. This account has more than 180k followers.

@naughty asmm

Sometimes numbers speak for themselves. This page has over 498k followers and its an internationally liked meme page. It brings crazy content from all over the world about naughty things, just a proposal and you are into the world of sarcasm that you cannot unseen.


This account has more than 250k followers. If being Indian had emotion, it would be this account. Desi_knowledge collects the most ‘desi’ memes on the internet and serves it to you on a single platform. Declare the business within you and go follow this page.


This account has a 100% unique content. Here you can’t control to like their post because it is very amazing and funny. It is a very fantastic account to share adult short videos, stories, pictures and it has more than 2K followers. In this account, every post is totally created on adult bio topics because adult memes are too amazing.

@desi sperm

In India, there have lots of people who love the desi style and desi memes. This account is specially created for desi lovers. If you really love desi memes, then this account for you. This account has more than 130k followers. It shares your desi memes post which is created from best videos, images, and gif. This account is memes of life.


_Dekhbhai is one of the most loved content pages on social media. This page is open and has a joyful content of pop memes. You will find a meme for any dialogues or photographs that got on viral. An excellent page for being updated on the pop world and being brilliant about it among friends.

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