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10 Best FPS Counter Software for PC Only For Pro Gamer In #2022

/ / 10 Best FPS Counter Software for PC Only For Pro Gamer In #2022

If you’re a gamer, you already know why FPS counter software for PC games is getting increasingly popular these days. But if you’re new to the PC gaming world. I’m sure you’re facing lots of lagging and low performance. And that might be the reason you’re here.

What is the FPS? And FPS counter?

FPS stands for Frame per second and FPS counters are software that gives you the count of Frame per second. Higher the FPS count greater the performance.

Pro gamer will never want to settle for a low frame rate. So, in order to monitor the frame rate, they use FPS counter software for PC games. And if you also want to get the best gaming performance, you should use FPS counter software.

We have listed the 10 best FPS counter software for PC games in the article. Take your time and read the article.

1. FPS Monitor Tracks

FPS Monitor Tracks is the best FPS counter software for PC games. That’s the reason it’s on our top list. There is a reason why FPS Monitor is so popular. By using this software you can get all the information of your CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD, and hardware status in just on software.

Yes, showing FPS count is its key function, but apart from that, it examines almost all hardware that affects your perception of a game. The software monitors the game and gives you data on where the loads are too high in your game.

The software gives you a real-time update about the status of your PC. On top of that, the interface is flexible. You can even customize and configure the font, size, style, colors, and other rendering options.

2. Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is another great FPS counter software for PC Games. The theme of the software is “Focus only on the Game.” Yes, they primarily make this software to enhance gaming performance.

This program not only enhanced gaming performance, but it also enhanced system performance. And they also have a mobile version to enhance mobile gaming.

3. RadeonPro

Radeon Pro is another great software developed and design to unleash the power of AMD Radeon video graphics cards. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

When you use this software you need not worry about applying the setting over again, and again, every time you want to play a PC game. Once you set up the setting, it will automatically apply every time you start a game.

Radeon uses DVC (Dynamic V-sync Control) and DFC (Dynamic Frame Rate Control to make the game look better, feel better, and run smoother. And yes, it also gives you FPS counter options.

4. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is another great FPS counter software for PC games. It is recognized and widely used as the graphics card over-clocking unity for control over your graphics cards.

The best part about MSI afterburner is it’s free and comes with lots of features. You can customize fan profiles, benchmark, and video records and it can be used with any graphic cards from all brands. It gives you an incredibly detailed overview of your hardware.

5. Steam

Steam is one of the best PC game platforms by Valve. It allows you to connect to your games by cloud. Yes, steam also gives you an option to display the FPS counter.

Follow the steps below to use the FPS counter on Steam.

  • Go to the Steam menu and click Settings.
  • One the setting drop-down click In-Game option.
  • Once you click the In-Game option click on In-Game FPS counter and select where you want to display the counter.

6. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Reading the name of the software. You may ask, what’s a screen recorder doing in the list of FPS counter software for PC games. Well, yes, it’s a screen recorder software, but it also has FPS counter in-built.

This software gives you two modes a) Game Recorder mode and, b) FPS Counter Mode. You can either use the mode individually or both together. You’ll be able to identify the mode by looking at the color of the FPS count.

The green shows no recording while the red show recording screen. You can use this software for free, but for the screen recording mode, you need to buy a premium version.

7. Fraps

Fraps is one of the most lightweight software that you’ll ever encounter. This software gives you lots of features apart from the FPS counter feature.

You can take screenshots, records your gameplay while using the FPS counter at the same time. You can place the counter at any corner of your computer screen.

Fraps has both free and premium version. The premium version will cost you around $37 for commercial use. The only difference between the two versions is you can’t video record on the free version.

8. Dxtory

Dxtory is another great FPS counter software for PC games. Dxtory and Fraps are like twin brother, they have similar features and screenshots, video recording, and customizable locations of the FPS counter.

The only difference between the two is Dxtory has a free version for Windows. You can download and use it as long as you want.

9. GeForce Experience

Last but not least, we have GeForce Experience. If you’re using NVIDIA GPU, this software is for you. This software gives you the best performance for Windows PC users.

You can optimize the game on your PC to run smoothly. It gives you the data on how your system is working and also gives you the option to customize the FPS features. You can adjust the FPS counter to any corner of your screen.

10. Build-In FPS Counter

Most of the advanced game has FPS counter built-in option. Before you download any software check your game setting to see if it has a built-in FPS counter option.

It might take some time to find the built-in FPS counter option. So make sure you check each setting option of the game. Or search on Google by typing in your game name followed by “Built-in FPS.”


These are the 10 best FPS counter software for PC games. If you’re looking for a smooth game and want to check the FPS counts, you definitely need to download one of this software.

We love to read your comment. Tell us which software works best for you. And before you buy a pro version, check the software by downloading trial or free version.