Best Fire Emblem Games Presented By Nintendo

 10 Best Fire Emblem Games Presented By Nintendo #2022

Do you love playing games? Are you a gamer who loves to spend most of the time in playing video games? Fire emblem can be understood as one of the world’s best franchise presented by Nintendo with the characters of Martha and Roy.

It is actually a fantasy based role-playing game developed by Nintendo.  The series was introduced back in 1990, and from the time, it has introduced over 16 gamers with four sequels.

As you know there is a long list of games available in this series, it might be difficult sometimes for people to decide which one of these is a best game. Therefore, this list is going to help you with the task and will introduce the game of your kind and preferences. Let’s have a deeper dig into it.

Radiant Dawn

This is a game designed on a grid basis and is one that never compromises with what it has to offer you. The game is bifurcated into four sections, each of which is different from the other and reveals a new kind of conflict. It is the 10th production series among those of Fire Emblem game series.

It is enhancement to what it was in the Path of Radiance. Several gamers love this Fire emblem game because it requires intelligence to win over and has been considered one of the best of fire emblem games.

Path of Radiance

It is obviously the first in the list when it is about Fire emblem games. It is a combat game with the storytelling but with some spice. There is no fairytale theme, rather it has a darker themes and it’s why the game is popular. The player of the game wants justice for those against whom it has been done wrong and get caught up in some political conflict and wars among various countries. It was the first-ever video game released with high quality 3D graphics.

Fire Emblem Heroes

This mobile game is free to play and available both for Android and iOS. It is the first game launched in the Fire Emblem series for the mobile device.

It was obviously the first pick as a game for Android users. The character of this game now drifted for being the chibi version and the gameplay was made simple. It also required the gamers to invest their real money in this game. It you do not have any console o play your game, you can download this and play on your Android phone.

Fire Emblem Warriors

This game simultaneously positions you in front of your enemies delivering the Musou gameplay in the real time combat. It has its major focus on battles and schedules.

It has the actual fights been replaced with some turn-based fights. It is even different from the other characters. If you want, you can also change your character in this game. It has some repeated lines that add the spice to make it interesting.

The Sacred Stones

It has even proved it to be a great game of fire emblem series and it has it emphasis on the preferences that players make. The two main players of the game simply separates their ways and move forward on their paths. It is the basic motivation behind players getting encouraged to play it recurrently. This game is also fun to play, so don’t ignore it just give it a shot and you’ll love it.

Shadows of Valentia

It is the actual ideal symbol of what a love letter to the game and this game is available in 3D platform. The storyline of the game says there are two friends in the game who are together from childhood and are on the hunt to get back the peace of Valentia.

It has two available modes you can switch to play between. The difference in these modes is that the classic mode has permanent death whereas the classic mode just let the character knocked out in that battle. It is not for the players who love strategical part of game.

Shadow Emblem

It can be recognized as an updated version or sequel of old Fire Emblem meant for North America. It has numerous amazing features like touch screen feature, making it easy for the players to play the strategical battle. It is very simple to play and this is the only reason, it didn’t get much famous among the audience. Therefore, it was the first choice for the beginners in the gaming world who have never played any Fire Emblem games earlier. You must try it if you are new to Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem Fates

It is one-of-its-kind game by Fire Emblem that truly is worthy of your consideration. It is one of the most ambitions game in the series and the focus of game is upon its main player – the protagonist who can turn himself to dragon with his magical powers.

Players of this game are able to avoid the classic cliché of the role-playing. There are several missions in the game that you would love finishing and enjoy it.

Three Houses

Three Houses is surely best of the Fire Emblem game series one can enjoy playing. It is quite different from the traditional gameplay.

It has a bold storyline that can attract the players to it. It has ability that can keep you stuck with it playing for hours. There are number of characters offered in the game. The game is only available in single player mode where the player has ability to choose his house as well as stories.


This game might be least in the list but is certainly not the last one and is one of the games you should really play. The storyline of this game has two diverse timelines where, one is involved in past where the main player kills the dragon in game.

However, the dragon has now come back being a threat to humanity. Therefore, the protagonist has to do something. The gameplay is on the strategy and turn based battles both. It also offers many customization features. It is a well-developed game that you should play.

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