10 Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Tools Online #2022

Who can ever deny the fact that they love to play prank on their friends or siblings? Moreover, a prankster always looks for different ways to play jokes or trick others. If you are looking to find new ways to trick others, this article is made just for you, Sounds interesting, right!! Then make sure to read the article till last. This is the era of internet and everyone is online chit chatting with friends so making fun and prank also needs to be different online. Yes, you can do so by the list of our fake iPhone text generator tools that will help you create fake conversations to trick others. Therefore, my dear pranksters let me show you those fake iOS text generator apps.

iOS7 text generator

It has been known to be the best fake text generator app. You can use this in very simple steps. Just visit the site, where you can see the virtual iPhone 7 on the left side of the window with settings. Click on the settings, fill in the essential details, you will find two options. Click on battery and define the percentage, enter to next connection, select data connection, click on the color of message or upload a picture. Type message press add message and you are done.

iFake Text Message

As you can understand, it’s also a fake text generator app for iPhone. You can design a screenshot just like a real conversation’s screen capture. It offers amazing set of features and innumerable functionalities. You can show your creativity with this app by pranking your friends. The app is free to use. Turn out your imaginations to fake text messages and trick your friends or siblings or even your family.


This great iPhone fake text generator tool offers you a simple yet effective user interface. You can create a complete fake conversation with this awesome to use tool and can take the screenshot of the same. It will appear exactly similar like a conversation of iPhone. You can check how it will look before sharing it with your friends to prank them. You can also add images in the conversations to make your chats look like real.


When you are looking for best fake iPhone text generator tools Fakeimess can be the best to help. This is an easy to use software and is also effective to generate fake conversations. You can choose to show the connection the sender is using, show battery percentage, display time, and choose message bubble and every minute feature that appears in any iPhone app chat screen. Use this tool now to trick your friends and make fun of them.

Fake iPhone text

It is another one of the best fake iPhone text generator tools that offers a simple interface and is quite easy to use. To use it, visit the website, on left side in settings option, adjust the battery percentage, customize the sender or receiver message, type and add the message. Define the name, clock, connection, mobile operator, and other features appearing on iPhone screen. You can now use the fake text generator iPhone and send to anyone you want.

iPhone SMS generator

It is one of the efficient fake iPhone text generators but is one of the simplest tools too. The tool is simple to use due to its interface. To use this tool visit website, select language, choose device from the options, write date in SMS header, and enter your name. Now enter the time, select mobile network, select the color of chat bubble, enter the message and add it. Now press generate button and now have your fake created chat. So what’re you waiting for, start tricking your friends.

iPhone text clone

The chat created through this tool appears just like the iPhone chat screen that’s why it is called to be iPhone text clone. You simply need to enter the basic required details and your fake chat message conversation is ready. The process of creating fake chat is simple since you have to only visit the site, enter your name, pick the network from options, add messages and make conversation. Now set advance settings like battery, time, etc. press create image button and you can send the screenshot.

iOS 8 text

This is another great tool for fake text generation. Visit the tool and you will find the options and settings to be updated just as done in the different tools mentioned above. Once you are done with mentioning the details and done with the advanced settings too, click on download image and you will get the screenshot ready to use. So, just start sending it out to others and trick them.

Meme iMEssage Role Play AU Group Fake Chat Stories

It is one of the great tools for generating fake iPhone text messages. To create fake conversation, click on blue arrow to proceed, hold the blue arrow and you can change the text to grey color. When you hold chat bubble, it will enable you to copy the message. Click on “i” and you can send the messages. To delete the conversation, swipe left on screen. Wasn’t that an easy tool for creating fake conversation?


The last in our today’s list of best fake text messages generator is TextMeme. It will allow you to create a fake iPhone conversation and allow you to create both for Android and for iPhone. The tool is simple to use because of its easy to use interface.  Simply open this tool to generate fake chat where you will see an option to choose iPhone and now you will find your conversation screen. Go, download the tool and start using it to prank your friends.

So, how were these tools? Don’t you like them? Off course, you would have adored them. Home these have surely helped you increase the amount of fun element in your life. Tell us, which one was your favorite and stay tuned for more amazing posts.


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