10 Amazing Games Like Age of Empires – You Can Play #2022

Age of Empires is definitely one of the best real-time strategy games ever released till now. A newer version was also released. But how much better or best one game can be a gamer ultimately gets bored. To find something interesting and still be in the same genre below we have listed 10 amazing Games Like Age of Empires you can play.


Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology is developed by Ensemble Studios, which  also created Age of Empires. They made a spin-off series based on mythological beliefs which is very decent. Age of Empires is based on historical events but age of mythology takes place in Atlantis and it focuses on the famous Greek, Egyptian theme and their Norse myths and legends.

Similar to age of empires, the main focus of the game is building an army, managing resources and conquering the opposing civilizations or team. There are three civilization Greek, Egyptian, and Norse the player has to choose and play from one of the three civilizations. Each civilization has its own distinct culture and follows their own religion

You can choose your major God, which is based on your chosen empire and as you progress to the next age, you unlock minor Gods. This grant special abilities to the players for advantages. This game is paid

Available on : Steam ($29.99)


Sid Meier’s: Civilization VI

In this game we have to build an empire which can last for a long time. As the game starts you see that you are a part of a simple nomadic tribe. As you start  building your resources, start to evolve, and turn into a world dominating superpower by your strategies.

The games in Civilization series has always been one of the toughest strategy games available. But if you like a challenging and engaging game, you are certainly going to enjoy this one. The main feature of this game is that the graphics are super smooth. The selection of music is very good all these clever choices by the developers give this game an extra dimension.

When it comes to gameplay, this game gives everything from religion to nation building to espionage to diplomacy, you can find anything here which is expected from this game. You can build your own country with hundreds of choices available. This can be tedious for beginners.

Available on : Amazon

Price :  ($35.22)


Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is the second game in the Starcraft series after StarCraft. StarCraft is a space-focused RTS game which is  developed by Blizzard Entertainment. This game is set in future in 26th-century science fiction world, where the main focus is on a galactic struggle between four different species for entire universe domination. There are three parts of games to make the complete sense of the story.

You can choose any of the species to play the game as Protoss, Terran, and  Zerg. The main game “Wings of Liberty” is the story of Terran and the other two expansion packs of the game offer the stories of Protoss and Zerg.

In the game, you strive to take the total control of your units and in order to survive this inter-galactic war you are required to come up with the best available strategies with the given limited resources.

It is free to try but the game costs you $39.99.


Rise of Nations

This game (Rise of Nations) is developed by Big Huge Games. It features 18 different civilizations and a total of 8 ages of the world history. It is consistently ranked and considered to be one of the best games of all time in the real-time strategy genre of games.

The key element of gameplay of Rise of Nations  is that it is focused on the concept of “territory”. Player’s settlement area is called their territory. You can make building in your or your friend’s territory. The main aim is to reach the more advance era so that you can access the modern technology and weapons systems. Which will help you to defeat your opponents.

Available on Steam

The price for the game is $19.99


The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online is Developed by BlueBite, The Settlers is a free to play game which is based on  browser. It is a real-time strategy game which has some in game purchases available. In this game there is a world where players have to collect resources and complete missions which are in game which are required to build their own medieval kingdom where they can capture other territories and explore.

This game is inspired by the famous Settlers series.


Empire Earth

Empire Earth is very similar to the Age of Empires series, Empire Age is a history-based game. It is a real-time strategy game. The game begins from a pre-historic era and ends at the nano age.  Players are required to gather resources to construct buildings, populate their civilizations with, and conquer opposing civilizations and capture their territory..

extensive map editor is present for  the players to create their empires in any design they like. A new concept the game offers is its “Hero” system. Heroes can be built at the town center or the capital. Divided into  two types of heroes.

1.Strategist heroes- heal surrounding units and can demoralize enemy units.

2.Warrior heroes- give morale to surrounding.


Warcraft III – Reforged

Just like the Age of Empires, Warcraft is a game series which is known  as one of the classics of RTS games. This game is developed by Blizzard, In this game Players go through an exciting journey where they can choose any faction, build their base, assemble army, and recruit heroes to lead. A new version is going to released soon which will be paid too.

Available on: Blizzard

Price for standard edition : $29.99



The best part about Empire is that it is a free to play, real-time strategy game which comes with great multiplayer online option. It is developed by Good Game Studios. The aim here is to build castles, trade with other players, raise an army and conquer your enemies just like other games in this genre. Empire sets out to accomplish and succeeds at keeping a full control over  units, building a position, planning battle techniques and thinking your strategies for combat.

Available on : GoodGame

This is a free game.


Bad North

Bad North by all the  means looks drastically different from all the other strategy based games you would have played. This game is still one of the best real-time strategy games that you should play. At first you may think that the graphics are so bad and cartoonish and the music also is very mellow, but do not hurry in judging the game its as brutal as any other game in this genre.

You own an island, build your army and upgrade your weapons to defend that island against the horde of Vikings.

The game is really fun to play it is tricky but not as hard as Age of Empires of Civilization.

Available on: Steam

Price is $14.99.


Stronghold Crusader 2

Stronghold Crusader premises is set in the Middle East during the Crusades and it features new Arabian units.

Since it has Middle-East setting, farms can only be built on limited oasis grass. Players fight for the limited amount of farmland and resources like iron ore, quarry, and marshes. These resources are reserves and can be used either to sell or use these resources for a better defence.

Available on : Steam

Price is $49.99.



These games are worth trying, we have listed 10 amazing Games Like Age of Empires you can play with their advantages and disadvantages. You can choose any one or more from these games to enter in a new world to dominate it.

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